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about dilara

hi! i'm dilara, dilara day. it's a pleasure to meet you

if our environment and experiences define us, i'm curious and adventurous. i'm caring and sincere.  i'm down to earth, respectful and direct. i'm playful, cheeky, passionate. outside of being a wide-eyed wonder, i spend my time going for bush walks, creating, and studying. i have an adoration for the world; from travel to food and everything in between. curiosity is my curse, you'll find i can talk and explore many delights.

my experience:
i began FSSW in 2017 and fell in love with the industry pretty quickly! since 2017 i've had the privilege to see and try a range of experiences; erotic massage, interstate and international travel/work, a tantric apprenticeship. my experiences have lead me into kinks, fetishes and a deep appreciation for the erotic. my service is known to be warm, honest, affectionate, attentive and playful. i appreciate the transparency, respect and integrity of this industry; a contained and safe space for eroticism.
boundaries are at the heart of this exchange, followed by exploration and intimacy. 

for more on me, feel free to peruse my sporadic blog posts 


  • height? 168cm 

  • age? mid 20s 

  • dress? 8

  • bust? 10b 

  • eye colour? brown 

  • ethnicity? mixed race, eurasian

  • genital hair? yes- maintained


dilara means; lover; an ornament to beauty. day means; a space of time.
i hope that a day, an hour with me is a space of time that brings beauty to your life.  

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