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do you see women, trans, and gender diverse people?
i sure do! 

do you do bi doubles?
i don't do doubles with other workers but i'm happy to entertain couples and friends. 

do you provide online/virtual services?
this is at my discretion. online services are extremely time consuming so generally, no. feel free to ask- but it wont be a guarantee. 

what's your ethnicity?
mixed race.

do you party? do you see clients that party?

no. and i'd rather not. a bit of amyl is fine! but please refrain from being under the influence of substances around me.

can we go on a date outside of this?
this line of work can make the lines of intimacy quite blurry! from my experience, it's in both of our best interests to keep our relationship professional. 

do you take on slaves/service subs? 
no, sorry. this type of service can be quite time consuming. 

can i request an outfit?

you can! otherwise, i dress according to the location and situation (see my twitter to get a sense of my style). i describe my style as "casual chic". i'm not much of a "active wear" type of girl but if you'd prefer that, let me know. if you'd like a costume or specific outfit that i don't have, this can be purchased at your discretion. 

do you provide condomless services?

no. state legislation prohibits me from such and the chances of STI and STD transmission increase exponentially when barriers are removed. for your safety and mine, condoms are our friends! 

do you do 30-minute bookings?
no, sorry! 

is everything okay, you haven't responded to my text/email?

everything is fine! if i haven't responded to you within 48 hours, feel free to follow up. i may have been having a technical issue and missed it, otherwise double check twitter- i may be on holiday (i gallivant every spare minute i have)!

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