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before a booking

to protect yourself, others and myself, it is essential to maintain a healthy attitude towards sexual health and overall health. i want you safe! i understand you aren't accustomed to "sexual health checks", it can be daunting and feel very "clinical" if its your first time! however, if you do it prior, it can make you a bit more comfortable and it saves both of us time. prior to taking my fee, i'll do a health check on you. 

but what about me and getting checked?
i do regular checks on myself and get tested every six months (the recommended testing period). i recommend you do the same :) 

before we meet (outcalls):
teeth - cleaned, mouth wash. check for abrasions! 

body - showered. 
genitals - cleaned (all areas). ensure foreskin has been pulled back, wash. make sure nothing looks out of the ordinary! 
for incalls, i get you to shower upon arrival. 

why a booking won't go ahead:
redness, rashes, clusters, lesions, sores, lumps. unpleasant smells. these are indicators of potential STIs or STDs so please self examine prior! here is more information on what to look for.

before a booking: Text
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