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self exploration

a journey of growth - tailored to you

i hear from a lot of clients that they want to try things, but they're scared or they lack experience. i also hear from a lot of clients that they have anxiety or insecurities that they want to address.
"self exploration" is a tailored service, over multiple sessions to help you explore yourself, intentionally. self-exploration is your safe space; a judgement free zone.
we all started somewhere once. 

i have a somatic and therapeutic background. these sessions explore what you want to grow and build confidence in using talking, somatic practices and general play.
sometimes sessions involve me just massaging you, allowing you to figure out what turns you on, or simply allowing you to allow yourself to experience pleasure. some sessions may involve blindfolds and light sensory play. some sessions are just sex with some reflection at the end. every session is different - we play it by ear. we talk about what you liked, what you didn't like. sometimes i'll take a more directive approach. sometimes you may want to explore your assertive sides. 

with every session, there's about 20-40 minutes checking in, talking about needs/anything that feels relevant or important. at the end of each session, i allow time to check in, talk and make sure there's space to breathe.

our sessions are fluid; a chance to play, explore, grow and breathe. 

rates found here.

self exploration: Welcome

shoot me a text or send me an email stipulating what issues you have or things you want to work on. i look forward to getting to know you :)

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