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Defining Dilara

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet." - Well, a lot. A lot can go into a name.

For some, their escort name comes instantly and for others, there can be a lot of thought. When I started in the industry, I was Thea. Don’t ask me where I got that from. I can’t recall. With Dilara, I played around a bit. I wanted something to capture a bit about what I was about. I wanted something with a nice ring to it. It needed to sound nice and it needed to have meaning, depth.

And then it came to me. I like the name Scarlet O’Hara (she’s a fictional character from a movie). To me, the 'R' sound is delightful! But I didn’t want to be associated with the character and I’m not a Scarlet (I don’t wear red!). I needed a name with the 'R' sound. There's something so seductive and tantalising about it? I'm also a fan of etymology and meanings behind names. Don’t get me to talk on etymology though, I really don’t know much. I just enjoy it in dribs and drabs.

When I found Dilara, I knew I’d face two challenges: I’m not Turkish and the name is Turkish. However, the meaning is so fitting for what my brand stands for. I also got permission from a Turkish friend to use it (hey, consent is important!). The second challenge: Will people mispronounce it? This challenge, I wasn’t too phased by; I've grown up knowing people with names that aren't Emma, Sue and Maddy (also, it's pronounced dill- ah- rah… Dilara).

Mainly, this name brings me joy. I ran it past my business friend who adored it. DD for short, a dash of alliteration, it can stick in peoples minds. Day to finish the name; seasonal, transient, alive. It's accessible (easy to understand) and I love its’ pairing with Dilara.

My last point on my name is that it is intentional. Intentionality is a value I hold strong. I like planned rendezvous’s and I like setting up spaces, curation. My name is intentional because it holds the intention that being with me is a beautiful experience and one that is intentional.

Dilara; lover; an ornament to beauty

Day; a space of time.

If you’d like to experience a space of time with a Melbourne escort of ornamental beauty (okay, I know that sounds like I'm tooting my own horn but I am cute, I promise!) , you can book here. Or maybe you’d like a Day with me somewhere beautiful? Yarra Valley ranges, a hot air balloon and wine?

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