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Dilara update ~ 7th Feb, 2022~

As some of you may have seen on my website, I have a teaser about tantric services. I can’t reveal much at the moment because it’s still a work in progress (things always seem to take longer than planned!).

What can I reveal?

I’m hoping to have three sessions. I’ve figured out the first. These sessions won’t have you touching me; they’re not about that. I’m working on using language that is accessible… so its hard. The “tantric” world in Melbourne is inaccessible for a lot of us, including myself. And I find that world hard because of the language used. It’s also hard because of how people perceive physical intimacy; their relationship with it. Again, once I’ve hashed out the details, i’ll provide more info. Undoubtedly, how the sessions go will change and it’ll involve some experimentation! The only promise I can make is that i'll be offering them, in due course, when things feel right.

Other things:


I start back at Uni in 3 weeks. My availability will likely fall on Fridays and Saturdays. Outside of those hours, notice is appreciated and can often be catered too. I am considering bookings for weekend nights. If thats your style, shoot me a message. But do note, I’m not a big drinker (more of a good drinker) and don’t take drugs. My idea of a wild Friday night is having a couple drinks and staying local so I can be in bed by a reasonable hour.

Social dates

I’ve been enjoying more social dates and if thats your cuppa tea, I quite enjoy exploring different cafes. Broadsheet has been a wonderful resource for me to explore! Alternatively, as you may have noticed (see my twitter), I cycle. I’m not the fittest by any means but I love getting my body moving, being outdoors and spending quality time with lovers. Walks are a lovely thing and so is wine.

Kinky GFE

I've retitled one of my services from "a delightful day/fetish kink pse" to "a delightful day/ kinky GFE". This is to ensure people aren't under the pretence that I offer a PSE. Often, PSE like elements can occur in a GFE or kinky GFE, but PSE can have connotations associated with services I don't offer. If you're interested in the kinky GFE, it's best for you to tell me what you're looking for. Try and be specific! I have a range of skills up my sleeve and I'm open to exploring new things as well.

Enough prattle from me for now!

Have a lovely week, stay safe and speak soon x

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