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Hi! Dilara update + a cute little musing on beauty

As usual, life throws spanners into the works. I had plans of launching my own embodiment sessions with clients, I had plans of renting an apartment with a peer to host. But, as life happens, neither of those things will eventuate this year. Time is skint! I delegate time between study (most of it), my friends, family, lovers, my cat and then there’s me who needs looking after (mostly daydreaming, thinking about food or other hobbies I have no time for)!

Whats the new vibe?

Incalls: Thursday and Fridays - 8am till 8pm. As always, ample notice is required (48hours as a minimum, the more the better).

Outcalls: Friday nights, Saturdays, Sunday evenings. I’m a lot cruiser with outcalls- sometimes I can cater on the day or even manage a Monday night rendezvous with outcalls. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are off the cards!

I want to encourage overnights, social dates and couples. This is because every client I have, I seem to get along well with! It’s also self interested, I love getting to know people. I’m an introvert who craves meaty discussions! I also want to put feelers out for couples. I've done my share of ménage à troi's and i love them. They are so fun!

Booking trends: I’ve noticed a little trend with clients, you all seem so nervous! Very understandable, it’s a first date. Gosh, on first dates I’m also nervous. As such, I’ve started to implement a few things. I’m more mindful of the time, I pipe up regarding the time to keep things going and I try to check in more (but please feel free to lead!). I've never had this issue before but it seems that a lot of clients want me to lead (i'm so used to clients leading). I’ve also noticed a lot of you peruse my Twitter and blog, this is great. Hi, hello, nice to meet you! I’m so glad that you’ve done some research. Feel free to bring up anything you’ve seen or read!

Lastly, I’m a sucker for poetics so I want to provide a little musing I had reading today: Understanding Beauty I have a slight penchant for “beautiful”. I like beautiful things. Apparently, beauty is in the eye of the beholder (so the saying goes- i disagree, but thats another conversation), and yet, reading today, Soetsu Yanagis ‘The Beauty of Everyday Things’, he talks about pattern. He claims that all beauty has pattern. If its without, is it beautiful? It made me think on beauty in humans, it made me think on beauty in my home, beauty in life. Recently, I bought a new nail polish. Riveting. But actually. I spent 20 minutes comparing three different reds. I wanted the most beautiful, most rich and enticing red for me, in what was available, without trying it on. People can pay to get their colours matched, as in, finding out the right tones of colours that suit you. My friend, of a similar skin tone got matched. I know my red. Colour matching is maybe not a pattern, but its harmony, its that missing puzzle piece. You create your own ambience, art, pattern. It’s not quite a pattern, but harmony. Harmony and pattern are related - they don’t coincide with chaos. They seek calm, they seek order according to a set of rules and laws.

As I continue to read this book, I learn more about how beauty can be defined. I know for me, beauty is craftsmanship, care, quality, sustainability, intentionality. Beauty has an element that is unchanging. You may no longer be attracted to something, but you can admit that it is beautiful in its own right. The beauty emanates from the craftsmanship.

This has been a bit longer than my usual blog post but this post has been overdue for some time now!

I hope you all have enjoyed your holiday break and I look forward to lounging around nude together x

Keen to lounge around nude with me? Have a suss here .

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