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How long should I book for?

Great question! First, you have to ask yourself “What do I want to get out of this?” And “What is my sexual capacity in the bedroom?”. How insatiable are you in the bedroom? Me? Welllllllll I can go for hours (with breaks, plenty of breaks) but most male identifying clients tend to have a capacity. I’ve found that no one ever really exceeds fooling around for more than an hour (but there are exceptions, maybe you are?). Or maybe you're a touch fiend. Cuddles, affection... is that your kryptonite?

I started with a question so I want to give some definitive answers… of sorts.

What does 60 minutes look like? Mostly fooling around, we hop right into it and physically, we can cover a LOT of ground. Its a great time! You feel buzzed, I feel buzzed. A bit of conversation. You’ve finish your lunch break and get back to work.

90 minutes? This is, in my opinion, a pretty sweet spot and recommended for first meets. We get to chit chat and get to know each, cover some good ground and then have all the fun. If you have specific play needs (fetish, PSE), 90 minutes allows time to wind down afterwards.

2 hours?

We’re probably having a wine, defining what words mean to us or talking animatedly about a hobby or something super cool. We’re chummy at this point.

3 hours? Now we’re talking. Wine, a bite to eat. On again off again fun. Or maybe we’re cuddling in bed watching a movie. It’s a cute time!

4 hours? Gosh, you’ve taken my whole evening/day, you must like me! We can get quite creative in this duration. A luncheon/dinner, walk and play. How does the Yarra river sound? Botanical gardens? Picnic with some beers?

5 hours? This gives us space to move around. A long walk, a leisurely meal, mini golf, a massage, a gig. This is a date where we can move locations without time being in question or making us feel rushed about getting to play time (though we can always start with play?).

If you’re new to this, I’d recommend 90 minutes. I find clients often want to keep having a yarn (and they always seem surprised that a sex worker could be good to talk to?). But if you know what you want, and that is a good time with insatiable sex or just to relax and get your touch needs met? 60 minutes is a lot of fun and you’ll be stoked afterwards.

Longer bookings cater to needs that only you can place value on. Touch is a need that a lot of us are deprived of. Longer bookings often cater to that need. Go with your gut on what feels right. If you’d like to extend, I always leave some time after each booking. However, there’s always the option to book again in future and go for longer. There’s no pressure from me and I’ll always respect your decision- no questions asked.

I hope this article has helped! If you’d like to book or have further questions, you can find out how to here .

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