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The Holiday Season


My last few posts I’ve posted have been a week apart but as I navigate the holiday season and organising my self post lockdown, my posts will be less frequent and more serendipitous (this is more sustainable for me).

I wanted to touch on community. I don’t know about you, but I have a fair few feelings on the holiday season. Everyone is busy but none of us are really sure of what we’re busy with? Everything is rushed, but we’re not sure why we’re rushing.

The holiday season can seem so performative, it sometimes feels like we’re just doing things because we have to.

This holiday season is a full season for me. I go on Uni break and I have a whole season to decompress (3 months!). Before break I had to think a lot about how I wanted to spend my season. Did I want to work my ass off? Did I want to go out 24/7? What did I want to do?

Thus far I’ve chosen to be enriched by my family and peers. My community. My neighbours. This holiday season I’ve devoted energy into maintaining and getting to know the people I love the most even more. I’ve prioritised my relationships and I reap the rewards. Sowing the seeds into relationships isn’t a quick reward! It takes time, effort. And yet the joy I’ve received has been plentiful. On one side, it has cost me financially. I haven’t been working at the capacity that I need to, to hit “targets” but then I’ve prioritised camping trips, nature, family. And those benefits, that joy I have received has been worth it.

I think about how I want to live and what brings me joy.

What does bring me joy is loving those I care about, doing things I want to do. I have time right now to be present for those that I care about and by gum, I want to be there. I want to live.

This holiday season I’ve had a lot of time to also think about gifts and gifting. This year I decided I was no longer purchasing people things and that the greatest gift I could give was listening, reaching out and just being there for those that I care about. Gifts are merely one way of showing appreciation. In sex work, gifts are a great way to help workers. Especially if its from a Wishlist they’ve made, tipping or its symbolic of your relationship (hopefully you share one common interest to connect over!). But outside of work, its my hope that during this period that you enjoy the people you spend time with. That you listen, see what they do and show them care in ways that they need.

The past two years have been hard. Covid has impacted all of us so with that, I wish you all a happy holidays and that you get to spend it in whatever way brings you joy. That you get to live, and enjoy a life post Lockdown #6.

Some other things/house keeping:

2022, the future for Dilara.

I’ll be available 1-2 days a week. I’ll have availability outside of those hours, provided you give me a 5-7 days notice. I’ll be stressed and under the pump so notice is valued! I *may* be opening up bookings to females and will be encouraging bookings with all people (trans, non-binary, you name it).

I am prioritising clients I’ve seen before and longer bookings (3+ hours). I love dates and a date plus play time is my favourite! In January I’ll be reconfiguring some packages (social + play) and I’ll be looking at how I can incorporate a more erotic range of services. I’m planning a photoshoot- I just got gifted a new swimsuit in one of my favourite colours! And I want to have some images that spark your imagination. I have some exciting ideas!

Finally, in the coming days I’ll be advertising some Christmas and New Years dates for play time, as well as a mini tour for regional Vic.

Dilara x

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