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The Night before the (Dilara) Day

Corny title? I know. Being inventive whilst vague? My speciality.

In my about, I mentioned prior experience. Brothels. Thats where I started.

I’ve had multiple clients talk to me about this line of work. After last years lockdown, I had clients at the brothel ask about how Covid would have hit us (it was hard). I also had a client bring up how he’d never been to a brothel and how after staying with me he had a whole new view of it. He told me that this work shouldn’t be stigmatised, that this work is valuable (he’s right). He had been in a rough patch and seeing me was something he couldn’t fathom “you’re something special, where did you come from?!” I’ve tooted my own horn, but I’m saying this for a reason.

I was at a brothel for that shift.

I can’t say I’ve worked everywhere. I haven’t. But I’ve tried a few places (a brothel in NZ- one that was upstairs from a strip club, an escort agency, a brothel in Sydney, a massage parlour in Sydney and two brothels in Melbourne). I’ve tasted a few places. One brothel, I was there for four years. Yep. Four years.

And now? I work independently as an escort in Melbourne.

The common denominator in all of those workplaces was me.

My service for the past few years has been consistent. I’ve changed as a person (I have 3 extra eyes and can teleport- wild, I know!), but I’m still curious, playful, warm, sensual, erotic, quirky, wide eyed etc etc.

When at the brothel, I was always me. Always.

So, why did I leave the parlour?

Great question! It’s never just one reason. But the main reason was that I wanted to control what clients I saw. Of course, at the brothel I could say yes/no. But the brothel has its own marketing and brothel clients are different to private clients. Don’t make me pinpoint it, but they are. I had some really lovely clients, but by working for myself I can curate the content I put out. I can choose where I advertise. I can hone in on a brand that will attract the clients I want. I get clients who are paying attention to the details I’m putting in.

I’m an outgoing introvert. Emphasis on introvert. I spend a lot of time thinking, creating, researching, living life in all of its highs and lows and I like to do my share of that alone. So when I spend time with people, I want it to be meaningful and i've found that the interactions i'm having are more meaningful.

Even if we share just one value or interest, it makes the relationship that much easier.

Through independent work, the conversations I’ve had have been dazzling and the sex? Tantalising! I look forward to more rendezvous's with other curious, hedonistic gents, ladies and gender non conforming folk.

A final note: Unfortunately I've witnessed stigma against brothel workers and brothels (the whorearchy). I have peers who still work in parlours and they are some of the best people I know. Their service is as good as a "high class escort". People work where they work for different reasons, no place is "better" or "worse". I left because I wasn't growing. But you can make a career working at a parlour.

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