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Working with Covid


It’s been a minute. My holiday season is almost over. I've been cycling, camping, road tripping, had some cat issues and also some wonderful rendezvous. I go back to studies in less than a month and things will be heating up… hopefully for us two.

Whilst navigating Covid as a Melbourne escort can be hard, I’ve done what I deem is an educated share of reading on the topic. How can I work during Omicron? Outside of work i'm pretty cautious. Mostly outdoor settings and i wear a P2 mask. For work? I’ve spent a lot of time weighing up options and for bookings this year, I won’t be requiring a RAT test. The RAT tests are not effective if you are asymptomatic. It seems slightly redundant to be doing a test when you have no symptoms and resource insensitive. I’m aware that I’m not immunocompromised and those workers who require them probably need to take every precaution they can. I’d rather save my resources for those in need- immunocompromised workers or those who live with immunocompromised people. Feel free to take a RAT test regardless!

As more variants pop up (we now have BA.2, a second variant of omicron which is also known as BA.1), I’ll be relying on people to be honest on whether they have symptoms or not. Covid isn't going away and it's everywhere. If you have symptoms, take a RAT test. Not just for me, but for you and your community members. I had a friend with mild symptoms and she was positive. When you’re sick, you stay home. If it's positive, we can reschedule.

As of January 30, 2022, I’ve had my booster, 4 months after my second dose. Come mid March, I’ll need to be informed if you’ve been boostered or not. Right now, the stats of those boostered isn’t high and considering you can get boostered after 3 months, by that point I hope most of you have had it. There are plenty of walk in sites available for booster shots if you don’t want to wait for a booking (some places it's a 3 week wait!). I went to Royal Exhibition and was in and out within an hour. Get boostered.

“I don’t want a booster, I’ve had covid!”. I was reading some articles on the ABC that regardless of you having Covid, a month or so afterwards, your immunity wains. Every persons natural immunity and how long it lasts is different. Vaccines provide that edge of immunity on top of natural immunity. Also who really likes getting sick? I’ll take my chances and get my 4th, 5th, 10th booster until this thing is endemic.

Further concerns? Novavax is making its' debut soon. How exciting! Why? Because it's a protein based vaccine like the flu vax; unlike the current MRNa vaccines we have. Naysayers see this one as a more “natural” vaccine. And i'd be keen to try it eventually as a booster (it's not available yet for boosters but i like trying new things and Novavax sounds cool).

If you have any Covid concerns, feel free to shoot me a message.

Curious about booking? Have a suss here.

Stay safe and i'll see you all soon x

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