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minimum 1 hour

for an itemised list of my services, see here

a daily dose (gfe)

1 hour: $600
90 minutes: $900
2 hours: $1100
3 hours: $1600
consecutive hours: $450

a delightful day (kinky gfe)

1 hour: $800
90 minutes: $1200
2 hours: $1500
3 hours: $2000
consecutive hours: $450

90 minutes: $1200
2 hours: $1300
3 hours: $1800
consecutive hours: $450
*more info found at self exploration tab

13 hours, 6 hours uninterrupted sleep

social dates 
1 hour: $250
2 hours: $500
consecutive hours: $200


90 minutes: $1350
2 hours: $1700
consecutive hours: $650

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your daily dose
typically known as "the girlfriend experience", this service is intimate, sensual, passionate, playful. from an erotic massage to a tickle fight and everything in between. lets get to know each other!

a delightful day
this is your ~kinky GFE~. you know those days that are just that little bit extra? something new, something out of the ordinary. this is where you and i get to explore, play, get frisky. fetishes, kinks are warmly welcomed and are the focus of the show. let me know what your wants and needs are to see if i can accommodate.
*no natural services

for those i've had the pleasure to stay with before, lets have dinner. a home cooked meal? take out? dinner? whatever tickles your fancy, i'd love to be your companion for the evening. come morning, we can have a cup of coffee with a croissant or just roll around and play. 

social dates 
need a beauty by your side for an event or just want some company? scared to book so want to meet for coffee first? i promise to engage you with my warm smile, cheeky banter, and wide-eyed wonder. i have a soft spot for the ballet and opera but i won't ever pass up a sports game, coffee, a walk and talk or dinner, and wine. if discretion is your priority, please let me know. 

couples/ menage a troi

to spice things up in the bedroom, to create an atmosphere, synergy. maybe you're not a couple but just friends who want a third? regardless, the more the merrier. i came out as bisexual back in 2017 and love playing with all genders. minimum 90 minutes so we can get in the zone, 2 hours is recommended. 

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