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"i want to gift you something, what should i give you?"

lingerie -  La Fille D'o,  Only Hearts  & JBC Lingerie

toys, costumes - Passionfruit 

dresses/clothing - AestesMatteau and Assembly
cycling gear- Framework designsOstroy
jewellery  - Eloise Falkiner, yellow gold, double check with me on size.
ceramics- Kristin Olds. i'd love a set of 4 mugs + plates & bowls, but a gift voucher is also appreciated 

perfume & scents? le labo & jo malone are adored, rose esssentielle by bvlgari

i also adore good quality produce, nice wine, craft beer, whisky and beautiful bouquets.

as you get to know me, i'm sure you'll find more things i enjoy and i'd love to appreciate the gifts that you like to give :)

dress- 8 (small) pants- 10 (small) bust- 10b 

wishlist: About Me
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